#1 Continuous Delivery service for Windows

Your new build server in a cloud. Start in minutes. Enjoy faster results.

Free for open-source projects. Plans start from $19/month.

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Features and benefits

YAML configuration

Build configuration in a few lines of YAML, stored along with your project sources, for specific branch, versioned! Continuous Integration process becomes transparent to the entire team, not being locked to a particular person. Read more

Build with confidence

Every build job runs on a pristine virtual machine with administrator privileges - no build cleanup logic necessary. Be confident that your code is downloaded to an isolated environment with guaranteed performance (CPU and I/O) that is immediately decommissioned after the build.

Scalable build environment

Backed by Windows Azure platform AppVeyor has virtually unlimited capacity. Our build infrastructure is never oversold and your builds start immediately. If you need concurrent jobs beyond our standard plans or terrabytes of storage contact us for a custom plan tailored to your needs.

NuGet feeds

AppVeyor has built-in NuGet feeds with project artifacts. Every account comes with a private password-protected NuGet feed which aggregates packages from all projects and enables publishing of your custom packages. Projects have separate NuGet feeds with all NuGet packages pushed as artifacts. Read more

Artifacts management

Build artifacts are stored in a highly-durable Geo-redundant cloud storage and always available to your team through AppVeyor web interface or API. Easily control the artifacts that must be collected during the build or rely on automatic packaging of well-known Visual Studio project types such as Web Application and Azure Cloud Service.

Continuous Deployment

Scriptless, repetitive, one-click deployment of build artifacts to multiple environments! Deploy as part of the build or promote releases later - manually or through API. Use built-in providers for Web Deploy, FTP, Amazon S3, Azure blob, Azure Cloud Services, NuGet, Deployment Agent and Local deployment or call custom script.

Parallel testing

Get results faster for large projects. AppVeyor can drastically reduce overall build time by allowing you to split tests into groups by categories, assemblies or custom criteria and run them as build jobs in parallel. Visual Studio tests, NUnit, xUnit and custom runners are supported. Read more

Works for any project

Develop Visual Studio apps: ASP.NET; Web API and WPF apps; Windows and Azure cloud services; WiX. Built for Windows developers, AppVeyor is not limited to C#, VB.NET or F#, but works with your favorite build tools and frameworks: MSBuild, PSake, CMake, rake, Node.js, Grunt, Go and more.

Integration testing

Easily make integration tests and BVTs a part of your development process. Install apps, services, web sites; put libraries into GAC; create SQL databases; run PowerShell scripts - all without the hassle of cleanup logic. Build servers have IIS and SQL Server installed and you can install custom tools using Chocolatey, Web PI, npm or MSI.