#1 Continuous Delivery service for Windows

Your new build server in a cloud. Start in minutes. Enjoy faster results.

Free for open-source projects. Plans start from $19/month.

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AppVeyor is a breath of fresh air!

No Setup Required

You care about your project only -
we provide build infrastructure.

Robust & Secure

Keep your code safe with
isolated build environments.

Continuous Delivery

Build, test, deploy with us -
no other tools required.

Our great customers and cool projects

Here’s what you get with AppVeyor:

No setup required and zero maintenance
Developer-friendly build configs using UI or YAML - our config won’t kill you!
Isolated build workers, pristine environment for every build, admin access to build workers
Blazingly fast builds on dedicated hardware with SSD drives
Built-in deployment and NuGet server
Multi-branch builds to support your workflow
Team work with granular permissions
First-class support and vibrant community
Pay-as-you-go, no upfront investment in expensive software

“AppVeyor is the only modern CI server for .NET developers out there. It is years ahead of its competition. We will never use anything else again.”

Javier Muniz, CTO and co-founder, Granicus