About us

AppVeyor aims to give powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment tools to every .NET developer without the hassle of setting up and maintaining their own build server.

Why are we building AppVeyor?

Current CI tools for .NET developers are somewhat frustrating. They were built to work with all languages and stacks, leaving you with tons of settings, and they are lacking Continuous Deployment functionality. That gives you hard time of setting up a build server, configuring complex software and figuring out deployment strategy.

Everything is moving to the cloud today. We prefer to keep our sources in a cloud and host our apps in a cloud, because it’s easier to setup and maintain and costs scale with the business. Why can’t we have another tool living in a cloud to integrate our code and deliver app to the customer?

Here comes AppVeyor - the fastest way between your code and a hosting environment of your choice.

We want to build Continuous Integration tool with awesome user experience, so intelligent, so tailored to .NET applications that it takes minutes to connect to your repository and push green builds to your environment - it just works!

Contact us

Email: team@appveyor.com
Twitter: @appveyor

Appveyor Systems Inc.
1012–1030 West Georgia Street
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