I’m thrilled to announce that AppVeyor 2.0 officially goes Live and with the new aggressive pricing!

The New AppVeyor

After being almost two months in private and then public beta we finally upgraded production environment to AppVeyor 2.0 and developers truly love it!


Let me quickly recap what new features AppVeyor 2.0 brings to you:

  • Builds run on dedicated virtual machines
  • Project configuration in YAML (aka appveyor.yml)
  • Fine-grained control over build process
  • NuGet feeds hosting
  • Build matrix and parallel testing
  • Built-in deployment to multiple environments
  • Responsive, real-time UI
  • A lot of other improvements and fixes

The New Pricing

AppVeyor 2.0 moved from shared build farm to dedicated build machines. With that change it was obvious the current pricing scheme must be adjusted to justify new architecture. We received a signal from our customers that new plans felt pricey and not affordable for individual developers and small teams. This was not exactly our intention. We don’t want you to go through nightmare of installing TeamCity or Jenkins on Azure VM! :)

We want AppVeyor to be a great tool in the hands of every Windows developer! We listened to you and we revisited our plans before going Live to make sure AppVeyor pricing works for everyone.

New plans:

Open source Professional Premium Enterprise
FREE $39/month $79/month from $319/month
Unlimited public repositories 10 private repositories Unlimited private repositories Unlimited private repositories
1 concurrent job 1 concurrent job 2 concurrent jobs 4+ concurrent jobs
Forums support Email support Email support Priority technical support
- - - Phone/Skype support

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