Based on feedback from our customers we’ve been working on improving AppVeyor performance and got amazing results!

New super-fast environment

For the last couple of months we’ve been experimenting with running builds on new “Premium” environment. It’s based on Hyper-V and hosted on a dedicated hardware with SSD drives and faster CPUs.

We moved most of our existing customers to this new environment and they were very satisfied with the results. Builds start almost instantly, run 2-3 times faster with greater stability!

We still have Azure environment for open-source projects and “Basic” plan.

New Pricing

With the introduction of the new environment we decided to review our plans once again to make them more flexible for companies with different business needs.

There is a new entry-level plan for individual developers and small teams with 1 private project and 1 concurrent job building on Azure. There is an upgraded “Pro” plan now with unlimited number of projects and super-fast builds. For those teams actively using AppVeyor new “Premium” plan now offers 3 concurrent jobs on fast environment.

Also, we introduce yearly pricing for “Pro” and “Premium” plans giving you 2 months free!

Basic Pro Premium
$19/month $59/month $159/month
  $590/year - 2 months free $1590/year - 2 months free
1 private project Unlimited private projects Unlimited private projects
1 concurrent job 1 concurrent job 3 concurrent jobs
- Super-fast build environment Super-fast build environment
- Instant build start Instant build start
Forums support Priority technical support Priority technical support

All existing plans are honored.

If you are a student, educational organization or open-source project looking for more calculation power or concurrent jobs we provide 50% discount on all plans.

AppVeyor on-premise

You may have noticed that we don’t have “Enterprise” plan anymore. This is because “Enterprise” is reserved for AppVeyor on-premise edition that will be available in January 2015!

If you are interested to be a beta tester just reply to this message and we’ll add you to the “AppVeyor Enterprise early bird” mailing list. We’ll be publishing more information and roadmap for on-premise in the coming weeks.

Updated website

AppVeyor has gathered many great open-source projects, such as Mono, Julia, Grunt, Redis, nodegit, Chocolatey, just to mention a few. People contribute their priceless knowledge and experience on AppVeyor forums.

To more actively engage the community in shaping AppVeyor we decided to host our entire website with documentation on GitHub where everyone could contribute by sending a pull request.


The website runs on a new Jekyll-like engine (we called it NJekyll), so you can grab it and use for your own website :)