We’ve just made AppVeyor available to even more developer teams! We are thrilled to announce new additions to AppVeyor supported source control providers:

  • GitHub Enterprise
  • Atlassian Stash
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Subversion

Now you can use AppVeyor practically with any repository out there whether it is hosted in a cloud or on your own premises!

GitHub Enterprise

GitHub logo

All beloved GitHub features such as branch builds, Pull Requests and webhooks are available in GitHub Enterprise integration. AppVeyor can use both OAuth and Personal Access tokens to authenticate against your GitHub Enterprise repositories.

Atlassian Stash

Atlassian Stash logo

AppVeyor provides complete and seamless integration with Atlassian Stash. Both OAuth and Basic authentications are supported. Whenever you add a new project in AppVeyor webhook and repository SSH key are automatically set.

Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories

Git - Mercurial - SVN logo

Now you can specify a URL to any repository hosted on the Internet! AppVeyor supports credentials and SSH authentication against those repositories.

Do we support your repository now?

Send us a message if you want to re-evaluate AppVeyor!

Having repository behind the firewall?

Of course, the repository should be accessible over the Internet. However, hold on! As a next milestone we are going to release AppVeyor on-premise edition which you can install behind your firewall. On-premise edition will provide even more tight integration with GitHub Enterprise and Stash such as “Sign in with GHE or Stash” buttons.

Other news

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