Dear AppVeyor friends,

We’d like to thank you for building and testing your awesome Windows applications on AppVeyor! Your trust and support have always been driving us to evolve the service.

Today, we want to give you twice as much value with the addition of Linux platform! Now you can run your builds side-by-side on Ubuntu and Windows images.

It’s not a weekend project and we have a strong commitment to make AppVeyor a full-featured cross platform solution.

Evolved from our Windows offering, AppVeyor for Linux has some unique features:

  • Connect multiple version control systems: GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, VSTS, Kiln and any other Git, Mercurial or Subversion repository.
  • Configure CI for your projects via UI or in dot-file.
  • Full sudo access to VM running build.
  • Promoted deployments - build once and deploy the same packages to multiple environments.
  • Official out-of-the-box .NET Core support - automatic build, test and packaging of .NET Core projects. Proof: build, config, website - dedicated blog post is coming!
  • SQL Server 2017 for Linux.
  • Bash and PowerShell Core for controlling build flow.
  • Single configuration file for both Windows and Linux builds.
  • Docker support.
  • Built-in NuGet server.

How to get started

AppVeyor for Linux is currently in private beta, available by request. To participate in beta just reply to this message and provide your AppVeyor account details.

We have prepared a Getting started with AppVeyor for Linux guide where you can also find a list of supported features and pre-installed software.


Perhaps what is most amazing about the addition of this new Linux platform is that it will not affect our low pricing! Once out of beta, the new Ubuntu image will be available to every account, free or paid. However, Premium accounts with two or more concurrent jobs will benefit the most as they will be able to run their tests on two platforms simultaneously.


Best regards,
AppVeyor team

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