Gitea is a fantastic self-hosted Git service! It’s free, open-source, very lightweight (a single file to download and run on any platform), feature-rich and has an extensive GitHub-like API. AppVeyor Server is a self-hosted CI/CD service which is also free, multi-platform and lightweight (absolutely no dependencies) - it’s a perfect CI/CD companion for your Gitea installation!

Until today, developers have been adding Gitea repositories in AppVeyor as “generic” Git projects thus missing essential CI/CD conveniences such as automatic builds triggering, private repositories, appveyor.yml support, commit statuses and pull request builds.

Today we are thrilled to announce Gitea to extend AppVeyor family of built-in source control providers!

Gitea integration highlights

  • Pick Gitea repository for a new project.
  • Repository webhook is configured for you to automatically trigger builds on code pushes and pull requests.

Choose Gitea repository for a new project

  • Configure your builds with appveyor.yml in the root of the repo. You can still configure on web UI too.
  • Commit statuses for branch and PR builds with links to corresponding AppVeyor builds.

YAML configuration and commit statuses

  • GitHub-like testing of pull requests by automatic merging of head into base on the clone.

Testing Gitea PR in AppVeyor

Lightweight and easy-to-configure AppVeyor is a perfect CI/CD match for your Gitea installation.

Install AppVeyor on your favorite platform, connect to Gitea and enjoy your builds!

Best regards,
AppVeyor team