AppVeyor customers have been asking about an ability to configure environment variables that are common for all projects under account. These could be a secure variable with SSH key for accessing the repo, a password for signing certificate or some other value you don’t want to include into every project’s appveyor.yml.

We’ve finally got a solution for that! Global YAML is a configuration in appveyor.yml format which is “injected” into all projects under the account. It can be edited on Account → Global YAML page. The idea of using the same appveyor.yml syntax for global configuration worked so good and natural that it gone beyond just environment variables - you can “globalize” pretty much everything:

  • Clone script overriding built-in cloning commands;
  • Environment variables, /etc/hosts and cache entries;
  • init, install actions;
  • Before/after scripts for build, test and deploy phases;
  • Artifacts;
  • Deployment steps;
  • Notifications;
  • Build finalizers: on_success, on_failure and on_finish.

Consider this global configuration for example:

    secure: AAAAABBBBEEEEE22==
    secure: AABBCC11==

- ps: gcim Win32_Processor | % { "$($_.NumberOfLogicalProcessors) logical CPUs" }
- ps: gcim Win32_OperatingSystem | % { "$([int]($_.TotalVisibleMemorySize/1mb)) Gb" }

- provider: Slack
    secure: AAABBB+CCC+DDD==
  channel: '#ci'
  on_build_failure: true

The configuration above defines two secure variables MY_SECRET_ACCOUNT and MY_SECRET_KEY that will be available in all builds under your account, outputs VM configuration (you can display any instrumental data relevant to your projects) in the beginning of each build and, finally, sends notification to a Slack channel on every build’s failure.

Read more about what sections are supported and how they are merged into the projects.