AppVeyor GitHub integration and build process improvements

Posted on July 08, 2013


First of all, I’d like to thank all those people participating in AppVeyor beta and providing valuable feedback! You help moving the project further!

Today we released a new AppVeyor update which includes:

  • Login with GitHub
  • Selecting projects scope when authorizing with GitHub
  • MSBuild log saving and displaying
  • Project integration flow stability improvements

All these changes are immediately available!

Login with GitHub

It is now possible to sign up and login using GitHub account:

AppVeyor login with GitHub

AppVeyor uses OAuth authentication, so your GitHub account credentials are not stored in AppVeyor database.

Selecting projects scope when authorizing with GitHub

When adding a new project from GitHub you allow AppVeyor to access your GitHub repositories. It is now possible to select authorization scope: only public projects or public and private projects. This feature is a must for developers who are members of some organizations and not allowed to give outside access to their private repositories.

Connect GitHub/BitBucket

MSBuild log saving and displaying

Detailed MSBuild log is now saved for every build and can be downloaded from project version screen:


Project integration flow stability improvements

We performed a very serious back-end stabilization work and re-factored communication layer between AppVeyor application and build servers. Now communication pipeline is entirely built on Azure Service Bus to be reliable for critical business applications. No more hanging builds!

If you have any questions or suggestions please drop us an email, start a new discussion on our forums or submit an idea on our UserVoice.

Welcome to AppVeyor CI beta

Posted on June 14, 2013

Dear friends,

After almost 5 months of active development AppVeyor reached another great milestone and I’m glad to present you AppVeyor Continuous Integration platform for .NET developers!

Please follow this link to register your beta account and start playing with the tool:

We want your feedback

You can help us to make AppVeyor a great tool by providing feedback and suggestions. You can provide feedback by replying to this email and writing directly to me. You can start a new discussion on our community forums. You can vote for feature requests or add new ones on our UserVoice portal. We are still working on filling up our KB database, so expect new articles in the coming weeks.

Getting started with AppVeyor beta

AppVeyor is a cloud-based continuous integration and deployment platform for .NET developers. It provides a customizable project build pipeline with Get, Build, Test, Package and Deploy steps. Checkout AppVeyor overview article for more details about the platform.

What’s next

First of all, we will be focusing on completing and polishing existing functionality and fixing bugs to make AppVeyor a great tool. Our next priority is deployment to Azure Cloud Services and Windows clusters. We plan to give a preview of this functionality by the end of July. After that we’ll start implementing NuGet support. I’m sure I’ll get great ideas for AppVeyor from you.

I hope you will enjoy using AppVeyor that could become a tool you can’t live without!

Have a great day and keep the app rolling!

Feodor Fitsner,
AppVeyor founder and developer