Welcome to AppVeyor

Step 1 - Sign in with AppVeyor

Use GitHub, Bitbucket button to sign up with your existing developer account (OAuth) or create an AppVeyor account using your email and password.

Step 2 - Add your project

Authorize GitHub or BitBucket to list your repositories. For open-source project developers who are using the same GitHub account for both personal and private company repositories AppVeyor offers a choice between two scopes: public repositories exclusively or public and private.

For every project AppVeyor will configure webhooks for its repository to automatically start a build when you push the changes. For every private project AppVeyor will add an SSH public key (deployment key) to the clone repository on the build machine.

Step 3 - Start new build

To kick-off a new build you can either push any changes to your repository or click New build on the project details screen.

AppVeyor will provision a new build virtual machine, clone the repository and pass the project through build, test and deploy phases (see Build pipeline).

Step 4 - Configure your project

Start from Build configuration to learn how to configure build.

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