Branches and Tags

AppVeyor has built-in multi-branch support.

Default branch which can be specified on the General tab of project settings is built whenever a new build is started from Projects UI, schedule or API. When you do a push to the repository AppVeyor will start a new build of the branch in the last commit of the push data.

White- and blacklisting

All branches are built by default. You can either manually skip a build or setup included/excluded branches on the General tab of project settings or in appveyor.yml:

To specify the list of allowed branches:

    - master
    - production

To specify the list of branches that must be ignored:

  - /dev.*/     # You can use Regex expression to match multiple branch name(s)
  - playground

gh-pages branch is always excluded unless explicitly added in “only” list.

Conditional build configuration

If you use git flow you may want to have a different build configuration (e.g. deploying to a different environment) in a feature branch. Changing appveyor.yml in a feature branch becomes an issue when you merge it into master overriding appveyor.yml and breaking master builds.

To solve this problem AppVeyor allows having multiple per-branch configurations in a single appveyor.yml.

Multiple configurations are defined as a list with branches section in every item that:

# configuration for "master" branch
# build in Release mode and deploy to Azure
      - master

  configuration: Release
    provider: AzureCS

# configuration for all branches starting from "dev-"
# build in Debug mode and deploy locally for testing
      - /dev-.*/

  configuration: Debug
    provider: Local

# "fall back" configuration for all other branches
# no "branches" section defined
# do not deploy at all
  configuration: Debug

Unlike white- and blacklisting branches section here works like a selector, not a filter. Configuration selection algorithm is the following:

  • Check configurations with branches/only section defined. If branch is found in configuration’s only section use this configuration.
  • Check configurations with branches/except section defined. If branch is NOT found in configuration’s except section use this configuration.
  • Check configurations WITHOUT branches section. If such configuration found use it.
  • If all previous steps fail build is not run.

Build on tags (GitHub and GitLab only)

By default AppVeyor starts a new build on any push to GitHub, whether it’s a regular commit or a new tag. Repository tagging is frequently used to trigger deployment.

AppVeyor sets APPVEYOR_REPO_TAG environment variable to distinguish regular commits from tags - the value is true if tag was pushed; otherwise it’s false. When it’s true the name of tag is stored in APPVEYOR_REPO_TAG_NAME.

You can use APPVEYOR_REPO_TAG variable to trigger deployment on tag only, for example:

- provider: Environment
  name: production
    branch: master
    appveyor_repo_tag: true

You can disable builds on new tags through UI (General tab of project settings) or in appveyor.yml:

skip_tags: true
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