Deploying to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk deployment provider deploys single artifact to the Elastic Beanstalk application specified.

Artifact Packaging

The packaging of the artifact to deploy depends on the type of project being built:

  • For ASP.NET Web Application projects set publish_wap_beanstalk: true under build in YAML or check Package Web Applications for AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment checkbox under MSBuild tab in the UI, as below.


  • For other projects a zip artifact (which can be as simple as a multi argument cmd invocation of 7z to a complicated webpack or gulp toolchain) of Elastic Beanstalk package type is added in the UI under artifacts section or as below for yaml configuration
- path: <path to artifact>
  type: ElasticBeanstalkPackage

Note: Unlike the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio which can be used to create an application and environment from within the IDE, AppVeyor Elastic Beanstalk deployment relies on a pre-existing Elastic Beanstalk application and environment.

Provider settings

  • Access key ID (access_key_id) - AWS account access key.
  • Secret access key (secret_access_key) - AWS secret access key.
  • Application name (application_name) - Name of application (which should already exist) to update.
  • Environment name (environment_name) - Name of the environment which is part of the above application.
  • Region (region) - AWS region where the application is located.
  • Artifact (artifact) - Optional. Name of artifact(s) to use for update.
  • Health Check Url (healthcheck) - Optional. Lets you set path to which ELB sends an HTTP GET request to determine instance health. Default is ‘/healthcheck’
  • Retry attempts (max_error_retry) - Optional. Number of times provider will retry after a failure. Default is 0.

Branch and other deployment conditions can be added as in other deployment providers

Configuring in appveyor.yml:

- provider: ElasticBeanstalk
  application_name: myEbApp
  environment_name: myEbApp-env
  region: us-east-1
  healthcheck: /Home
  max_error_retry: 2
    branch: main # deploy from master branch only
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