Deploying to Bintray

AppVeyor Bintray deployment provider uploads all or selected artifacts to Bintray generic repository.

Provider settings

  • Bintray username (username) - your Bintray account name.
  • Bintray API key (api_key) - Bintray API key from your profile page
  • Subject (subject) - your Bintray account name.
  • Repository (repo) - name of repository to upload artifacts to. Only “Generic” repositories are supported at the moment.
  • Package (package) - name of package to upload artifacts to. Deployment will fail if specified package does not exists.
  • Version (version) - Optional. Version to upload files under. If version is not specified build version will be used. If version does not exists it will be automatically created.
  • Publish (publish) - Optional. true if uploaded artifacts must be marked as “published”. Default is false - artifacts await publishing upon upload.
  • Override (override) - Optional. true if existing files can be overwritten. Default is false and deployment will fail if the file already exists on Bintray.
  • Explode (explode) - Optional. true if archive artifacts must be unpacked (exploded) during upload. Default is false. Files with the following extensions can be unpacked during upload: .zip, .tar, .gz, .gzip, .boz, .bz2
  • Artifact (artifact) - Optional. Artifact “deployment name” or filename to push. If not specified all artifacts from selected build will be uploaded. This can be a regexp, e.g. /.*\.zip/

Configuring in appveyor.yml:

- provider: BinTray
  username: johnsmith
    secure: AABBCC+DDD==
  subject: johnsmith
  repo: myrepo
  package: mypackage
  version: version
  publish: true
  override: true
  explode: true
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