Deploying to existing environment

Environment deployment provider starts asynchronous deployment to the existing environment with specified name. If you don’t have any environments set up yet, you can create one at

Provider settings

  • Environment name (name) - the name of environment to start deployment to.

Configuring in appveyor.yml:

  provider: Environment
  name: staging

Overriding environment variables

The only required setting for “Environment” deployment provider is name - all other key-values are passed into environment deployment context as variables.

For example, you may have Azure Web Sites Web Deploy environment with Server setting defined as:


Then, when deploying to that environment during the build you can define website_name variable for each deployment as:

  - provider: Environment
    name: Azure Web Sites
    website_name: Site-A

  - provider: Environment
    name: Azure Web Sites
    website_name: Site-B
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