Calling deployment webhook

You can use Webhook deployment provider to call arbitrary external API and pass deployment information in the request. Webhook is called using POST method.

Webhook payload body will have the following format:

   "accountName": "YourAccountName",
   "projectId": 35,
   "projectName": "ProjectName",
   "projectSlug": "project-slug",
   "buildId": 496,
   "buildNumber": 3,
   "buildVersion": "1.0.3",
   "buildJobId": "ktr0a5lb0t800000",
   "jobId": "f736vj1u3eg00000",
   "repositoryName": "owner/repo",
   "branch": "master",
   "commitId": "8942b4794a6ad8167cf1d7b9dc09642364700000",
   "commitAuthor": "John Smith",
   "commitAuthorEmail": "",
   "commitDate": "3/3/2018 12:43 AM",
   "commitMessage": "Initial commit",
   "commitMessageExtended": "",
   "artifacts": [
         "fileName": "MyAwesomeCoreLib123.1.0.3.nupkg",
         "name": "MyAwesomeCoreLib",
         "type": "NuGetPackage",
         "size": 3340,
         "url": "https://artifact-download-url"
   "environmentVariables": {
      "appveyor": "True",
      "ci": "True",

Provider settings

  • URL (url) - webhook URL.
  • “Authorization” header (authorization) - optional authorization header added to the webhook request.
  • Request timeout (request_timeout) - optional POST request timeout in minutes. Default is 1 minute.

Configuring in appveyor.yml:

  provider: Webhook
  authorization: Basic aabbcc==
  request_timeout: 5
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