Environment variables

Environment variables that are set by AppVeyor for every build:

  • APPVEYOR - True if build runs in AppVeyor environment;
  • CI - True if build runs in AppVeyor environment;
  • APPVEYOR_API_URL - AppVeyor Build Agent API URL;
  • APPVEYOR_ACCOUNT_NAME - account name;
  • APPVEYOR_PROJECT_ID - AppVeyor unique project ID;
  • APPVEYOR_PROJECT_NAME - project name;
  • APPVEYOR_PROJECT_SLUG - project slug (as seen in project details URL);
  • APPVEYOR_BUILD_FOLDER - path to clone directory;
  • APPVEYOR_BUILD_ID - AppVeyor unique build ID;
  • APPVEYOR_BUILD_NUMBER - build number;
  • APPVEYOR_BUILD_VERSION - build version;
  • APPVEYOR_PULL_REQUEST_NUMBER - GitHub Pull Request number;
  • APPVEYOR_PULL_REQUEST_TITLE - GitHub Pull Request title
  • APPVEYOR_JOB_ID - AppVeyor unique job ID;
  • APPVEYOR_JOB_NAME - job name;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_PROVIDER - github, bitbucket, kiln, vso or gitlab;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_SCM - git or mercurial;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_NAME - repository name in format owner-name/repo-name;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_BRANCH - build branch. For Pull Request commits it is base branch PR is merging into;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_TAG - true if build has started by pushed tag; otherwise false;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_TAG_NAME - contains tag name for builds started by tag; otherwise this variable is undefined;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_COMMIT_AUTHOR - commit author’s name;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_COMMIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL - commit author’s email address;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_COMMIT_TIMESTAMP - commit date/time;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_COMMIT_MESSAGE - commit message;
  • APPVEYOR_REPO_COMMIT_MESSAGE_EXTENDED - the rest of commit message after line break (if exists);
  • APPVEYOR_SCHEDULED_BUILD - True if the build runs by scheduler;
  • APPVEYOR_FORCED_BUILD (True or undefined) - builds started by “New build” button or from the same API;
  • APPVEYOR_RE_BUILD (True or undefined) - build started by “Re-build commit/PR” button of from the same API;
  • PLATFORM - platform name set on Build tab of project settings (or through platform parameter in appveyor.yml);
  • CONFIGURATION - configuration name set on Build tab of project settings (or through configuration parameter in appveyor.yml);

Tweak environment variables

  • APPVEYOR_ARTIFACT_UPLOAD_TIMEOUT - artifact upload timeout in seconds. Default is 600 (10 minutes);
  • APPVEYOR_FILE_DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT - timeout in seconds to download arbirtary files using appveyor DownloadFile command. Default is 300 (5 minutes);
  • APPVEYOR_REPOSITORY_SHALLOW_CLONE_TIMEOUT - timeout in seconds to download repository (GitHub, Bitbucket or VSTS) as zip file (shallow clone). Default is 1800 (30 minutes);
  • APPVEYOR_CACHE_ENTRY_UPLOAD_DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT - timeout in seconds to download or upload each cache entry. Default is 300 (5 minutes);
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