New features

  • #1877 Zip Push Deployments
  • #45 Elastic BeanStalk deployments
  • #2006 Octopus Deployment Provider
  • #2066 Rolling Builds only for PRs
  • Large build logs display the last 2000 lines by default with an ability to view or download complete log.

Fixed issues

  • #1970 Fixed: Illegal characters in path when parsing junit test results
  • #2050 Fixed: Empty ‘cache’ section makes whole build folder to be cached
  • #2070 Fixed: AppVeyor looks for files with all extensions when looking for test assemblies
  • #2092 Fixed: Default configuration is missed with for/branches config
  • #2164 Fixed: Slack notification cannot be sent
  • #2109 Fixed: Console log: No longer able to link to a specific row