New features:

  • #3042 AppVeyor Server for Mac
  • #2940 Release Host Agent and add docs
  • #2962 Bundle Host Agent with Build Agent

Fixed bugs:

  • #2974 Fixed: Incorrect artifact path in job details
  • #2983 Fixed: “beta” FTP provider is failing on consequent uploads
  • #2986 Fixed: Linux builds - An item with the same key has already been added. Key: configuration
  • #2997 Fixed: Appveyor OnPremise: Artifact max size ~30 MB
  • #2998 Fixed: Account retention policy cannot be modified
  • #3001 Fixed: Service startup failed with SqlServer provider
  • #3004 Fixed: Build environment cannot be deleted
  • #3007 Error sending email using SMTP protocol
  • #3012 Fixed: No cache control for badges

Both Windows and Linux releases updated. Follow this guide to upgrade your AppVeyor Server installation to the latest version.