Before performing any upgrade please make sure to backup your current installation of AppVeyor Server!

New features:

  • #3149 BYOC in AppVeyor Server - setup new build cloud with ease
  • #3140 Custom “timeout” in webhook notifications
  • #3141 Parallels Desktop on macOS support in BYOC
  • #3150 Update AWS, Azure and GCE regions and VM/instance sizes
  • #3176 Custom SSH clone port with APPVEYOR_CLONE_SSH_PORT variable

Fixed bugs:

  • #3115 Fixed: Deployment notification messages/errors are not displayed
  • #3116 Fixed: Bitbucket provider fails to fetch commit with raw author only
  • #3117 Fixed: Job group name is set to job name if group is not defined
  • #3121 Fixed: Hyper-V provider: Non-preheated VM is not deleted after the build
  • #3127 Fixed: ElasticBeanstalk deployment environment fails on artifact upload
  • #3128 Fixed: Custom port is getting removed from ssh://-like clone URL
  • #3135 Fixed: Self-hosted jobs: Docker container temp folders are not deleted
  • #3139 Fixed: BYOC: Build worker image cannot be deleted

Windows, Linux and macOS releases updated. Follow this guide to upgrade your AppVeyor Server installation to the latest version.