AppVeyor 2.4.20

What’s new

  • Fixed parsing of uploaded xUnit 2.0 test results.
  • Added APPVEYOR_ACCOUNT_NAME environment variable to build and deployment contexts.
  • Added Version command to appveyor.exe.
  • Added deployment_label settings to Azure Cloud Service deployment provider.
  • Added an ability to use environment variables in build version specification, for example:

        major_version: 1.0
      version: $(major_version).{build}

Build worker updates

  • Updated xUnit 2.0 runners to 2.0.0-rc2-build2857
  • Installed Go 1.4.2:
    • Go 1.4.2 x86: C:\go
    • Go 1.4.2 x64: C:\go-x64
    • Added C:\go\bin to PATH