AppVeyor 2.5.4

What’s new

  • #175 Commit message indentation is not retained.
  • #177 Fixed: Slash is not supported in build version number.
  • #180 Trigger new builds on Visual Studio Online fast forward commits and tag pushes.
  • #181 Fixed: Install-product cmdlet is broken on new Node.js or io.js releases.
  • #183 Slack incoming webhooks support. In appveyor.yml Slask notification provider could be configured to use incoming webhook:

      - provider: Slack
        incoming_webhook: http://incoming-webhook-url
      # ...or as before using auth token
      - provider: Slack
          secure: kBl9BlxvRMr9liHmnBs14A==
        channel: development
  • #184 Agent environment settings are sortable now with drag and drop.
  • #187 Added “Tag name” (tag) setting to GitHub deployment provider for separate tag and release name templates.
  • #188 New NuGet deployment provider:
    • Does not rely on nuget.exe
    • Retries pushing package if 500 response status received
    • Does not fail if package already exists
  • #189 Increase file name column on Artifacts page of build results
  • #190 New environment variables to distinguish forced and repetitive builds:
    • APPVEYOR_FORCED_BUILD (True or undefined) - builds started by “New build” button or from the same API.
    • APPVEYOR_RE_BUILD (True or undefined) - build started by “Re-build commit/PR” button of from the same API.
  • #191 Display build/job start and end times in popup hint over status message.
  • #192 Fixed: “Access is denied” when restoring build cache over read-only items.
  • #193 Azure build worker should use build cache from the same region.
  • #195 Deployment agent: Add skip_dirs, skip_files to “Windows Application” deployment.
  • #197 Fixed: Build cache update fails for dependencies with very long path.
  • #198 Build email notifications are off by default for newly added user/collaborator.
  • #203 Fixed: Web Deploy provider deploying from zip fails on very long paths

Build worker updates

  • io.js 1.6.1 x86 and x64 added. Use Install-Product node 1 cmdlet to switch runtime to the latest io.js version.
  • Node.js 0.10.37 x86 and x64 added. Use Install-Product node 0 cmdlet to switch runtime to the latest Node.js version or Install-Product node 0.10 to the latest 0.10.x build.
    • Node.js 0.10.37 x86 is default Node.js in PATH
  • xUnit 2.0 runners updated to the latest 2.0.0 RTM.

Previous worker images

There are build worker images available from previous deployment. You can use them in case of any issues with the current images:

  • Previous Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Previous Unstable
  • Previous Visual Studio 2014 CTP4
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 CTP
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  • Previous MinGW

You can select build worker image in OS dropdown on Environment tab of project settings or if you use appveyor.yml:

os: Previous Windows Server 2012 R2

Note to “Pro” customers: Whenever custom build worker image is chosen the build will run on Azure, so there is about 3-4 minutes delay before build starts to provision build worker virtual machine.