AppVeyor 2.6.3

What’s new

  • #263 Fixed: Assembly patching is not picking up a new build version set by Update-AppveyorBuild.
  • #266 Fixed: Display friendly message on artifact upload error.

Build worker updates

  • Azure SDK 2.6 installed to Visual Studio 2015 RC image.
  • AWS CLI 1.7.25 installed to all build worker images.
  • AWS SDK updated to 3.7.606.0 on all images.
  • io.js 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 added to all images. Use Install-Product node '' to switch to the latest 2.x io.js version.
  • Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview April 2015 installed to unstable image.

Previous worker images

There are build worker images available from previous deployment. You can use them in case of any issues with the current images:

  • Previous Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Previous Unstable
  • Previous Visual Studio 2014 CTP4
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 CTP
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  • Previous MinGW

You can select build worker image in OS dropdown on Environment tab of project settings or if you use appveyor.yml:

os: Previous Windows Server 2012 R2

Note to “Pro” customers: Whenever custom build worker image is chosen the build will run on Azure, so there is about 3-4 minutes delay before build starts to provision build worker virtual machine.