Build environment update summary

  • Visual Studio Community 2015 RTM (“new” OSS environment and new Visual Studio 2015 image)
  • Visual Studio 2015 SDK
  • Xamarin tools
  • Azure SDK 2.7
  • TypeScript 1.5

Visual Studio 2015 RTM

Visual Studio Community 2015 RTM is installed on build workers of new “OSS” environment.

There is also new Visual Studio 2015 image available to all accounts.

Basic, Pro and Premium plans

Paid customers have two ways to build/test with Visual Studio 2015:

  1. Use Visual Studio 2015 image. You can select the image in “OS” dropdown on Environment tab of project settings or set it in appveyor.yml:

     os: Visual Studio 2015
  2. All builds with custom images run on Azure where VMs are slower than those on “Pro” environment. You can send us a request to move your account to new “OSS” environment with fast VMs and Visual Studio 2015 installed.

Free plan

If you see Free (VS 2015) on your plan page then your free account has already been moved to a new faster environment with Visual Studio 2015. If your plan is just Free drop us a line and we’ll move your account over to a new environment!

How to build with MSBuild 14.0

  1. If your project build step is set to “MSBuild” make sure .sln file has # Visual Studio 14 header (not # Visual Studio 2013; otherwise AppVeyor will force MSBuild 12.0.
  2. Add MSBuild 14.0 to PATH with the following command:

    set PATH=C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\14.0\Bin;%PATH%


Xamarin platform has been installed to build workers in both Pro and OSS environments.

Previous worker images

There are build worker images available from previous deployment. You can use them in case of any issues with the current images:

  • Previous Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Previous Unstable
  • Previous Visual Studio 2014 CTP4
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 CTP
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  • Previous MinGW

You can select build worker image in OS dropdown on Environment tab of project settings or if you use appveyor.yml:

os: Previous Windows Server 2012 R2

Note to “Pro” customers: Whenever custom build worker image is chosen the build will run on Azure, so there is about 3-4 minutes delay before build starts to provision build worker virtual machine.