What’s new

  • #509 Slack notifications by attachments
  • #510 “Always build closed pull requests” project setting
  • #514 Build notification for BitBucket repositories
  • #515 Fixed: Plan page is not working in IE
  • #516 Azure SDK 2.8
  • #522 APPVEYOR_JOB_NAME environment variable
  • #523 SNI SSL bindings support in Deployment Agent
  • #524 Fixed: Starting new Kiln build fails

Previous worker images

There are build worker images available from previous deployment. You can use them in case of any issues with the current images:

  • Previous Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Previous Visual Studio 2015

You can select build worker image in OS dropdown on Environment tab of project settings or if you use appveyor.yml:

os: Previous Windows Server 2012 R2